Jashne Bhopal

Project Details

C S Direkt Events & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. roped AIPL for yet another mega event in the city of lakes, Bhopal, on the occasion of New Years eve. The event went by the name of ‘Jashn-e-Bhopal’ and was organised atop yet another jetty AIPL manufactured at the Upper Lake. It was a light and sound equipped performance laden show, accompanied by a carnival like setting and street food festival. The stage was built to support a load of 32 tonnes, the setup weighing 15 tonnes and the rest 17 tonnes dedicated for about 100 performers onboard, whose safety was kept paramount. The success of the event was a clear demonstration of AIPL’s reliability and the trust governing bodies keep in AIPL. These opportunities helped cement AIPLs stance in the industry and widen its prevalence and versatility.

Project Name:

Jashne Bhopal

Client Name:

C S Direkt Events & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

Project Location