Pump Pontoon Beohari

Project Details

In order to cater to the needs of water pumping such as surface water extraction, supply, treatment and distribution, modular pump pontoons are set up on dam reservoirs. Such a floating pump station was issued by Tejas Construction & Infrastructure (P) Ltd., one of the contractors appointed for implementing the Beohari Multi Village Rural Water Supply Scheme for Bansagar Dam, Rewa, M.P.. It weighed approximately 16 tonnes. Floating pontoons are required to handle the loading of pumps, gen-sets and other related equipment. SIFJ modular docks and pump pontoons clearly demonstrate the capability to handle such intensive loading with guaranteed stability even under adverse climatic conditions. They serve an important role in keeping check on the flooding of reservoirs and redirect the excess water for equalizing consumption.

Project Name:

Pump Pontoon Beohari

Client Name:

Tejas Construction & Infrastructure (P) Ltd.

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